I an ordinary student, my ordinary attitude is replaced by extra- ordinary attitude after getting a super quality training from STEPWELL. STEPWELL enlightened my life. Presently I work in Mahindra Finance against high salary. My job is quite target oriented but STEPWELL taught how to accept challenge & target. Not only I but also my… Continue reading HASMATULLA MOLLA


After completion 6 months BFSI (Banking) Course, I got job in Axis Bank Payroll. Six months constant learning with STEPWELL high study system , everyone can master about 70% of Banking Sector. My salary is about Rs.25000/- which I cannot expect six months ago. So to me, it is a grand lottery to me. For… Continue reading SAGIR AHAMED


I am an area manager of Tata Sky . Three years back I completed DTH course with the help of Mr. BiswarupSir. At that time I never know the future of the course but Mr. Biswarup Sir insisted me to do that after proper counseling. He told me that time “you will stand , you… Continue reading RAGHUBIR RAPTAN


I , RatanPundia from Odisa (Paradwip). I came off a fisherman family. Turning Point of my life is meeting with Mr. BiswarupSir, my hope, my view line.


My parents and my little brother and two sisters all are depended on me because I am only bread earner of my family. Thanks to God, I got a chance to admit for Tailoring Course in STEPWELL Ranchi Center.


I never imagine that I had power within me to take team-leader role in a MNC company like EurekaForbes. From a rustic village of Sundarban, especially from a poor –farmer family I will have to be a poor farmer as my fore fathers.But only encouragement and inspiration and also motivational speech of our Sir, Mr.… Continue reading SAMIR MONDAL


Now I live in Qatar in Iran. Mr. BiswarupSir helped me to get a job here. I earn healthy money that make run my family in a small village in India. Like me many others also stay in my way here all are blessed by Sir. Mr. Biswarup , as God to ours.


I am forever grateful to Mr. Biswarup Sir, CEO of STEPWELL who always guides me still now. Now I am in Washington in USA. Now I am engaged in my research project on Electronics in Telecommunication. Visit my mother land, India must be incompleted if I not visit my beloved sir Mr. Biswarup. Thank you… Continue reading SIBENDU PAUL

Kowshik Banerjee

“Stepwell, true to its illustrious history, delivers on its promise of providing a rich, intellectually stimulating world-class education. The academic rigor of the Stepwell pushes one to the limits of mental and physical endurance, all through ensuring the takeaway is more than expected. When participants’ prior experience, classroom discussions and instruction imparted by leading academicians… Continue reading Kowshik Banerjee