1. A true leader is one whose own conduct can set_____ example to his followers.


2. It is always difficult to correct_____ imbalance in a balanced way.


3. Danny wanted _____ new bicycle for Christmas.


4. Aung San Su Kyi is the only political leader who holds_____ key for Myanmar’s successful transition to democracy


5. A recent study has indicated that there is_____ perceptible change in the attitude of the people.


6. Europe in the fifteenth century witnessed _____ era of Renaissance in the fields of art and culture.


7. She cleans the windows of her house only once _____ week in winter.


8. Both the civilians and_____ armed forces of Britain fought in the First World War.


9. Nourishing food is_____ necessity both for a nursing mother and her baby.


10. Though a great writer, he has always been_____ elusive figure to his many admirers.


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