Chapter-11⇒Ranking Test

1. Atul finds that he is twelfth from the right in a line of boys and fourth from the left, how many boys should be added to the line such that there are 28 boys in the line?


2. Kapil ranked thirteen from the top and twenty six from the bottom among those who have passed in the annual examination in a class. If six students have failed in the annual examination, how many students appeared?


3. In a class, Ajay is 15th in rank from the top and 21 from the bottom. How many students are there in the class?


4. In a row of 21 boys, when Sohan was shifted by four places towards the right, he became 12th from the left end. What was his earlier position from the right end of the row?


5. Meena is eleventh from either end of a row of girls. How many girls are there in that now?


6. Ram is 10 ranks ahead of Shyam in a class of 50, If Shyam’s rank is 15th from the last, what is Ram’s rank from the start?


7. If the first and third letters in the word ‘EXAMINATION’ are interchanged and also the second and fourth letters, the fifth and seventh and so on, then which of the following would be the third letter to the right of the 8th letter from the right?


8. In a line of boys, Mayank is 12th from the left and Rajesh is 14th from the right. There are 5 boys in between them. How many boys are there in a line?


9. If you count 21 letters in the English alphabet from the end and 20 letters from the beginning, which letter will exactly appear in the middle of the sequence thus formed?


10. Ram and Shyam are ranked 13th and 14th respectively from first in a class of 23. What are their ranks from the last respectively?


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