General Knowledge all (G. K.)

1. Eskers and Drumlins are features formed by:


2. The most striking feature of the Ashokan pillar is polish. Name the Ashokan pillar which is considered to be the most graceful of all Ashokan pillars.


3. The main argument advanced in favour of small scale and cottage industries in India is that:


4. During the period of south-west monsoon, Tamil Nadu remains dry because:


5. Match List-I with List-II
List-I (Rivers)
(a) Ghaghara
(b) Brahmaputra
(c) Narmada
(d) Sabarmati
List-II (Towns)
1. Lucknow
2. Hoshangabad
3. Ahmedabad
4. Guwahati
5. Ayodhya


6. Out of the following ______ has the greatest elasticity.


7. Blood group of an individual is controlled by:


8. The Basic Feature theory of the Constitution of India was propounded by the Supreme Court in the case of :


9. In the event of a ministerial proposal being defeated on the floor of the legislature, under the parliamentary system:


10. Indian Standard Time is based on:


11. The substance most commonly used as a food preservative is:


12. The Chief Justice of a High Court in India is appointed by the :


13. The Girnar Hills are situated in which of the following states?


14. The Rigveda consists of :


15. Who gives recognition to political parties in India?


16. Industrial Revolution could not have come about without:


17. Aligarh Muslim University was founded by :


18. Broadly, there are three’ layers of the earth of the crust, the mantle and the core. The crust forms what percentage of the volume of the earth?


19. Iron deficiency causes :


20. The term ‘devaluation’ means:


21. Voice of a child is more shrill than that of an elderly person because:


22. The blood vessels with the smallest diameter are called ________.


23. Normally, on whose advice the President’s Rule is imposed in a State?


24. Nagarjunasagar Project is situated on the river:


25. Which one of the following events took place at the last during reign of Muhammad-bin-Tughlaq?


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