1. Called up share capital (46,000 shares 10 each) Rs. 4,60,000
Calls in arrear Rs. 7,500
Proposed dividend 5%
Amount of proposed dividend will be


2. Suresh of Delhi consigned 600 fans to Naresh of Agra to be sold on his account and at his
risk. The cost of cach fan is Rs. 300. Suresh paid Rs. 6000 as freight and insurance Naresh
paid Rs. 1500 as octroi and cartage. Rs. 2000 as rent; and Rs. 1500 as insurance. 500 fans
were sold by Naresh for Rs. 1,80,000 Naresh was entitled to a commission of 4% on sale
@ Rs. 350 per fan and 20% of any surplus price realized. Consignment profit will be


3. An offer made to the public in general which anyone can accept and do the desired act is ____.


4. A & B are the only two partner in a firm B was murdered by C who wanted to become a partner of the firm but B has raised objection to it A now wants to take D as a partner in the said firm D is father of C light of the situation answer which of the following is correct?


5. Delivery of goods in case of transit made by handing over documents of title to goods is


6. Material costing Rs. 700 in the erection of the machinery and wages paid for it amounting
to Rs. 400 should be debited to


7. A contract is discharged by remission


8. The purpose of accommodation bill is


9. In terms of deposit mobilisation,_______ leads other states.


10. The profitability ratio of bank has declined over the years due to


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