1. “In Western Rajasthan today plenty of water is availabel due to:”


2. “The remote village that has earned the rare distinction of being rich in rainwater?”


3. “Based on the information given below, classify each of the situations as ‘suffering from water scarcity’ or ‘not suffering from water scarcity’:”


4. Which is not a source of fresh water?


5. “Which of the following social movements is/are not a resistance to multi-purpose projects?”


6. “Which of the following are not causes of water scarcity?”


7. “According to Falkan Mark, water stress occurs when:”


8. “Which one of the following is not an adverse effect of irrigation?”


9. “The only Stae which has made rooftop rainwater harvesting structure compulsory to all the houses is:”


10. “Underground tanks seen in Rajasthan to store rainwater for drinking is called:”


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