1. A tin nucleus has charge + 50 e. If the proton is at a distance 10-12 m from the nucleus then the potential V at this position is (charge on proton = 1.6 x 10-19 C)


2. The work done in moving an alpha particle between two points having potential difference 25 volt is


3. The electric potential at the surface of an atomic nucleus (Z= 50) of radius 9.0 x 10-15 m is


4. Electric potential on the axis of dipole and at a distance r from it is proportional to


5. The electrostatic potential energy of a charge of 5 C at a point in the electrostatic field is 50 J. The potential at that point is


6. Work done in moving a unit positive charge through a distance of x meter on an equipotential surface is


7. A copper sphere of diameter 1 m carries a charge of 200 RC. A test charge of 21.1C is taken from a point P to a point Q on the opposite sides of the sphere. Both points are at a distance of 1 m from the centre of the sphere. What is the work done ?


8. The volt is equal to


9. The potential of a spherical conductor of radius 3 m is 6 V. The potential at its centre is


10. The potential energy of a charged parallel plate capacitor is U0. If a slab of dielectric constant k is inserted between the plates, then the new potential energy will be


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