1. If a= 3 x 5, b = 3 x 52 and c 25 x 5, then LCM (a, b, c) and HCF (a, b, c) are


2. The HCF of two consecutive integers is


3. The prime factorisation of q has 2 and 3 only and the HCF (q, 72) is 12. The number of value(s) q can takes is


4. For some integer m, every odd integer is of the form


5. If 3 is the least prime factor of p and 5 is the least prime factor of q, then the least prime factor of (p + q) is


6. Greatest number which divides 2011 and 2623 leaving remainders 9 and 5 respectively is


7. Between 1 and 3, how many rational numbers exists?


8. If x and y are two rational numbers then x + y is


9. For some integer q every even integer is of the form


10. A circular field has circumference of 360 km Two cyclist Peter and John start together and can cycle at speeds of 12 km/h and 15 km/h respectively, round the circular field. The time take by them to meet again at the starting point is


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