1. Which of the following represents 1 g-molecule of the substance ?


2. x g of Ag was dissolved in HNO3 and the solution was treated with excess of NaC1 when 2.87 g of AgC1 was precipitated. The value of x is


3. A mixture of NHCl₄ and I₂ can be separated by


4. The correctly reported answers of the addition of 294.406,280.208 and 24 will be


5. What is correct for 10 g of CaCO3 ?


6. The flask A and B of equal size contain 2 g of H2 and 2 g of N2 respectively at the same temperature. The number of molecules in flask A is


7. The mass of CaCO3 produced when carbon dioxide is bubbled through 500 mL of 0.5 M Ca(OH)2 will be


8. Given the numbers 786.,0.786. The number of significant figures for the three numbers is


9. 4.4 g of an oxide of nitrogen gives. 2.24 L of nitrogen and 60 g of another oxide of nitrogen gives 22.4 L of nitrogen at S.T.P. The data illustrates


10. Light travels with a speed of 3*10⁸ m s¯¹ The distance travelled by light in 1 fem to second is


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