Chapter-10 ➤ Mensuration

1. The perimeter of a regular pentagon of side 1 m is


2. Perimeter of a square =


3. The perimeter of a square is 8 m. Find the length of the side.


4. The area of a rectangle of length 2 cm and breadth 1 cm is


5. Area of a rectangle =


6. Perimeter of a regular hexagon =


7. The perimeter of a rectangular piece of card board is 6 m. Its breadth is 1 m. Find its length.


8. The area of a rectangular sheet of paper is 20 cm². Its length is 5 cm. Find its width.


9. A rectangular piece of land measures 0.5 km by 0.25 km. Each side is to be fenced with 4 rounds of wire. What is the length of the wire needed?


10. The perimeter of an equilateral triangle is 9 m. Find the length of the side.


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