1. The frequency of second’s pendulum is


2. A mass is suspended from a spring. The mass oscillates vertically. The total energy of the mass will be


3. The energy of the particle executing damped oscillations decreases with time, because work is done against


4. A particle executes simple harmonic motion along a straight line path. Its amplitude is A. The potential energy of the particle is equal to the kinetic energy, when the displacement of the particle from the mean position is


5. The mass and diameter of a planet P are twice as compared to that of the earth. If the length of a second’s pendulum on the earth is lm, its length on the planet P will be


6. A hollow ball is filled with water and then used as a bob of the simple pendulum. If the water drains out of a small hole in the bottom, there. how will it affect the time period ?


7. The relation between the acceleration amplitude ‘ a’ , the displacement amplitude ‘A’ and the angular frequency co of SHM is


8. The length of second’s pendulum on the earth is about lm. What should be the length of second’s pendulum on the moon ?


9. A particle executes SHM. Its instantaneous acceleration is given by a = – px, where p is a constant and x is the displacement from the mean position. The angular frequency of the particle is given by


10. How does the total energy of an oscillator executing SHM vary ?


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