Chapter-12 ➤ Reproduction in Plants

1. Two individuals are needed for a sexual reproduction.


2. Seed is the only structure which develops into new plant.


3. Seeds of drumstick and maple are carried to long distances by wind because they possess


4. Plants such as cacti produce new plants when their parts get detached from the main plant body.


5. The spores are asexual reproductive bodies.


6. Lila observed that a pond with clear water was covered up with a green algae within a week. By which method of reproduction did the algae spread so rapidly ?


7. In which of the following plants buds are present on the margins of leaves?


8. Seed dispersal in coconut is aided by winds.


9. Plants produced by vegetative propagation take less time to grow and bear flower and fruit.


10. The fruit is ripened ovary.


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