Chapter-14 ➤ Practical Geometry

1. Identify the instruments used to bisect a given line segment.


2. If two lines have only one point in common, what are they called?


3. Lines a, b, p, q, m, n and x have a point P common to all of them. What is the name of P?


4. How do you draw a 90° angle?


5. Which of the following can be drawn on a piece of paper?


6. X and Y are two distinct points in a plane. How many lines can be drawn passing through both X and Y?


7. Two lines are said to be perpendicular to each other when they meet at ____angle.


8. At 7 a.m. the angle between the Sun’s ray and the ground at a point is 43°. What would be the angle at 10 a.m.?


9. Identify the uses of a ruler.


10. Identify the pair of parallel lines.
(i) Lines m and n have two points in common.
(ii) Lines p and q do not have any point in common
(iii) Lines p and q have a point X in common.


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