1. BNF is a meta-language for


2. If the comment is removed in the previous problem, it will print 18,8, if the parameter declaration is


3. Choose the correct statement.


4. Which of the following language is case-sensitive (i.e., IF is not same as if)?


5. The basic difference between a procedural language and an applicative language is that the


6. If the postfix equivalent of the statement
if c then x else y is cxytt, then the postfix form arnn+mn-ab-#ba-#


7. Which of the following is a dangling reference?


8. In a hypothetical language, all operators have equal precedence and associate to the left. In this language, the expression 5×3-2-1×2 evaluates to


9. Heap allocation is required for languages that


10. A program has 100 instructions and another program (for the same problem) has 200 instructions. Which of the following comment logically follows?


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