1. The East India Company was appointed as the Diwan of Bengal in


2. The Permanent Settlement was introduced at the time of


3. In which state, the weavers created Kalamkari print in cotton clothes?


4. In which of the following states,about ten million people were killed in the terrible fernine of 1770?


5. The Indigo Commission was set up to enquire into the system of indigo production. Whom did the commission hold guilty?


6. After the indigo production collapsed in Bengal, the planters shifted their operation to …………


7. One-third of the population was wiped out from Bengal because:


8. Between 1783 and 1789, the production of indigo in the world


9. H.T. Colebrook described the conditions of the under-tenant farmers in


10. The international demand of indigo was affected by the discovery of


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