1. _______ helps to classify arguments and situations, better understand a cyber-crime and helps to determine appropriate actions.


2. ________ is the branch of cyber security that deals with morality and provides different theories and a principle regarding the view-points about what is right and wrong.


3. Before performing any penetration test, through legal procedure, which key points listed below is not mandatory?


4. A penetration tester must identify and keep in mind the ___________ & ___________ requirements of a firm while evaluating the security postures.


5. _____________ is the technique used in business organizations and firms to protect IT assets.


6. The legal risks of ethical hacking include lawsuits due to __________ of personal data.


7. After performing ____________ the ethical hacker should never disclose client information to other parties.


8. What is the ethics behind training how to hack a system?


9. Performing a shoulder surfing in order to check other’s password is ____________ ethical practice.


10. ___________ has now evolved to be one of the most popular automated tools for unethical hacking.


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