Grammar 9, Phrasal Verbs

1. The plan of the enemy to blow _______ the fly-over was foiled by the police.


2. He jumped _______ the offer of his boss to accept the job abroad.


3. It is difficult for Indian economy to take _______ in the absence of heavy investment.


4. Please make it a point to turn _______ water tap before you go out.


5. The newly married couple is not getting _______ well with each other.


6. The wise men always lay _______ money for their old age.


7. The college will break _______ next week for summer vacation.


8. We usually give our servants the old clothes we cast _______.


9. For an honourable person it is difficult to put _______ the naughty behaviour of the Directors.


10. He didn’t lend me the newspaper because he was going _______ it.


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