History-3 ➤ The Delhi Sultans

1. In whose reign did the Sultanate reach its i farthest extent?


2. Delhi became an important city under the rule of Tomaras and Chauhans.


3. Which ruler first established his capital at Delhi?


4. Who was Ulema?


5. Which Mughal emperor followed Sher Shah Suri’s idea of administration?


6. Dehli-i-Kuhna was oldest of four cities of Delhi and was established by Muhammad Bin Tughluq.


7. Who was the first slave king of Delhi Sultanate?


8. Minhaj-i-Siraj was in favour of Queen’s rule in Delhi.


9. The position of standing facing Mecca during namaj is known as


10. Which of the following was NOT the king of the Rajput Dynasty?


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