Lesson 2, Fable

Ans. Bun knows the mountain is big. It can make a very beautiful squirrel track. He, however, is not as lively as the squirrel. He cannot crack a nut, but can carry forests. [কাঠবেড়ালি জানে যে পর্বত বড়ো। সে কাঠবেড়ালির জন্য সুন্দর রাস্তা তৈরি করতে পারে। সে অবশ্য কাঠবেড়ালির মতো এত প্রাণবন্ত নয়। সে বাদাম ভাঙতে পারে না, কিন্তু অরণ্যকে বহন করতে পারে।]

Ans. All things in the world, great and small, have their respective role to play. Each and everybody is equally important. [বিশ্বে বড়ো ছোটো সব জিনিসের নিজ নিজ পালনীয় ভূমিকা আছে। প্রত্যেকেই সমান গুরুত্বপূর্ণ।]

Ans. The mountain makes fun of the squirrel by calling him a 'little prig'.

Ans. The mountain can make a very pretty squirrel track. Besides this, it can carry forests on its back.

Ans. According to the squirrel, all sorts of things and weather must be taken together to make up a year as well as a sphere (i.e., the whole world).

Ans. The mountain is very big in size whereas the squirrel is a very small animal. The mountain may carry forests on its back but cannot crack a nut like the squirrel.

Ans. The mountain called the squirrel a little prig' because the mountain felt t the squirrel carried a lot of air inspite being so small.

Ans. According to the squirrel all kinds of different and good talents should be 'wisely put' to every creature in this world.