Prose-1 ➤ Who Did Patrick’s Homework?

1. When the cat was playing with the doll Patrick:


2. The meaning of slyly


3. Finally the elf slipped out:


4. The elf was helpless and needed:


5. The elf granted a wish:


6. Number of days was there in the semester


7. And true to his word, that little elf began to do Patrick’^ homework. Except there was one glitch. The elf didn’t always know what to do and he needed help. “Help me ! Help me !” he’d say. And Patrick would have to help in whatever way.
The elf asked for Patrick’s help because


8. ‘Little man’s face wrinkled like a dish-cloth’ shows his emotions:


9. The phrasal verb ‘staying up nights’ means:


10. Patrick got his A’s; his classmates were amazed; his teachers smiled and were full of praise. And his parents ? They wondered what had happened to Patrick. He was now the model kid.
The teachers were happy and full of praise because


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