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1. The retailer is usually in an excellent position to


2. All of the following are types of non store retailing, except


3. Person to person interaction between a retailer and a prospective customer is:


4. Which is not considered one of the elements of “managing a business” in a retail strategy?


5. A systematic procedure for analyzing the performance of a retailer is called:


6. Any source of products or services for consumers is referred to as a _____.


7. A_____ fee is the charge many supermarkets impose for accepting a new brand to cover
the cost of listing and stocking it.


8. Those aspects of business that a retailer can directly affect, such as store hours and merchandise lines carried are referred to as:


9. In the distribution channel … has the direct touch with consumers.


10. During each stage in the development of a retail strategy, retail managers should:


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