Mock Test 7

1. FCNR(B) Account can be held in the form of a term deposit. What is the maximum term limit for those accounts?


2. The practice of providing loans to unrelated individuals without
going through the conventional channel of banks or any financial
organization is known as –


3. The Reserve Bank of India has introduced the changes in the Credit Authorisation Scheme of Credit based on the recommendation of _______.


4. What is the maximum limit of Foreign Direct Investment in Private banks under the automatic route?


5. An account of a bank holds with another bank in a foreign country in the
foreign currency is known as ________.


6. What is the meaning of R in TReDS?


7. Aditya Birla Health Insurance has entered into a bancassurance partnership with which among the following banks?


8. What is the maximum investment limit of Senior Citizen Savings Scheme?


9. Support extended to limit production comes under which category of WTO?


10. As per the RBI guidelines, which among the following categories of loans could NOT be priced without reference to Base Rate?


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