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1. Trade Licence is needed to open ________ account.


2. A single-sided, single-layer DVD disc can store up to:


3. Who does not give us Loan ?


4. Which loan is not a Government Subsidy Loan ?


5. Which account does not give us any interest ?


6. Who controls all banks?


7. A real business account is _________.


8. What type of computer chips are said to be volatile?


9. Where would you find the letters QWERTY?


10. What is the maximum number of USB devices that can be connected to a single USB host controller?


11. After completing the initial diagnostics and assigning system resources, the startup BIOS program checks for information about secondary storage devices that might contain the OS. The list of devices and the order in which they should be checked can be found and arranged in the CMOS setup utility, and this option is commonly referred to as:


12. Which is more ricky ?


13. Each switch and LED on the front panel of a computer case has a connector attached to it that must be attached to the appropriate pins on the:


14. A laser printer does NOT use?


15. Who controls all insurance company/companies ?


16. Which of the following are motherboard form factors?


17. Which of the following sockets is designed to work with CPUs manufactured by AMD?


18. What is the full form of UDMA ?


19. Which of the following are the two main CPU manufacturers for personal computers?


20. What do you mean by EPIC card ?


21. For CPUs without integrated memory controller, which part of chipset manages communication between the CPU and memory?


22. CMOS settings can be set to factory defaults by:


23. What do you need for an ink jet printer?


24. What happens if a disk is being formatted?


25. Which parts of the computer perform arithmetic calculations?


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