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1. Electrons in the outermost orbit or shell of an atom are called


2. A diode for which you can change the reverse bias, and thus vary the capacitance is called a


3. In practical applications, battery voltage:


4. The characteristic curve for the complex model of a silicon diode shows that


5. In a 20 Vac series RC circuit, if 20 V is measured across the resistor and 40 V is measured across the capacitor, the applied voltage is:


6. Shunting the ac component away from the load is the task of a:


7. Since diodes are destroyed by excessive current, circuits must have:


8. What circuit activity may shift a characteristic curve so that diode operating points are different?


9. When is a capacitor fully charged?


10. The peak inverse voltage (PIV) across a nonconducting diode in a bridge rectifier equals approximately:


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