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1. Angle of incident ray with normal is 30°.The incident ray after reflection will deviate through an angle


2. Focal length of a concave mirror is


3. Two thin lences of local length 10cm and 20cm are placed in contact.The effectice power of combination is


4. Light travel fastest in


5. When light travels obliquely from glass to air


6. A man runs towards mirror with a speed of 10 m/s.Then the speed of his image with respect to himself will be


7. A virtual image of same size as object produced by


8. A concave mirror of focal length 18 cm forms an erect image,three times the size of the object.how far is the object from the mirror?


9. Apoint object is placed at a distance of 30cm from a convex mirror of focal length 30 cm.The image will be formed at


10. If the magnification of a body of size 2 cm is + 3 then the size of the image is


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